Awards and Achievements



  • Lourdu Mary. Nagothu JMJ, Principal of Bel-Air college of Nursing has been honoured with ANAC’s Excellence in Global HIV Nursing Award for developing and implementing the world’s first Masters’ curriculum in HIV/AIDS.
  • Bel-Air college of Nursing was awarded the Obama-Singh 21st century knowledge initiative Grant along with the university of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), by U.S India education foundation for research collaboration.


  • Bel-Air was awarded the Times of India Health Care Achievers Award on 11th December 2014 for being the best in India for long time care.


  • Bel-Air college of Nursing – SNA Diary 2014-2016 was selected at the State level and was sent to the National level. The diary won first prize at the state level and second prize at the National Level.
  • An interesting research conducted by the students with the help of faculty members on the topic “A study to assess the effectiveness of traditional versus blended learning through advanced technology with regard to new TB regimen among staff nurses working in a selected hospital won the State level scientific paper presentation and qualified for the national level.