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Courses offered

Basic B. Sc. Nursing


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Various scholarships are made available for meritorious students.For B.Sc and M.Sc Nursing

LILA Poonawalla foundation offers annual scholarship for meritorious student

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University of illinois at Chicago

UIC and Bel-Air has been awarded a Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative grant by the U.S. – India Educational Foundation


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Columbia University, New York

 Bel-Air College of Nursing Columbia University, New York has a active collaboration for Student exchange.


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Bel-Air College of Nursing

Fees approved by Fees Regulating Authority

Fees approved by Fees Regulating Authority for  A. Y. 2019 20

B. Sc Nursing - Rs. 83000/- (Tution Fees Rs.75113 and Development Fees Rs.7887)

आर ए एन एम - रु 60000/-

A. Y. 2021 22

B. Sc Nursing - Rs. 80000/- (Tution Fees Rs.72598 and Development Fees Rs.7602)

बीएसी नर्सिंग - रु 80000/ -

A. Y. 2022 23

B. Sc Nursing - Rs. 69000/- (Tution Fees Rs.62444 and Development Fees Rs.6556)

बीएसी नर्सिंग - रु 6900/ -

A. Y. 2023 24

B. Sc Nursing - Rs. 71000/- (Tution Fees Rs.64254 and Development Fees Rs.6746)


Admission list A. Y 2023 24 as per CET CELL Notice No. 18

Admission list A Y 2022 23 as per CET CELL Notice No 33

Vacancy as on 14th February 2023


Institutional Quota